Getting Started with the OpenATK Tillage App

The Operation Type helps you organize your tillage records. You can switch between operation types using the drop-down navigation and selecting the operation type you are looking for. If you want to add a new operation type for the next spring's planting prep, select "New Operation" from the drop-down list.

When a field is selected you will see the operation menu slide up. The operation menu will help you maintain consistent and complete operation records. The record is completed with an operation status, date, and operator name. The field name, size, and boundary can be edited by tapping the green edit button next to the field size. This action will open the Field Notebook App if it is installed on your device. You can delete an operation record by tapping the red trash can icon. *This will only remove the operation record and not the field.

The list view provides an easy way to see necessary operation summaries. You can see the number of fields and acres still remaining for the operation type selected. You can expaned/contract statuses by tapping the triangle on the right side of the status window.